How to make the most of St. Patrick’s Day

St. Patrick’s Day is a widely known Irish holiday that is celebrated on March 17th every year. With the holiday comes tons of fun parties, so why not make the most of the day? Here’s how you can commemorate in style.
1. Wear green You’ve probably heard this since you were young so why not avoid the pinching by just simply wearing the color green? You can rock one item of green clothing or get super in to it and cover yourself in the color! Remember…eyes don’t count and neither do undergarments that you can’t see!
2. Go to an Irish pub- This one is for those who are over 21 of course. Irish pubs will be crazy and fun on this special day. Between the Irish food, music and the flowing Guinness, why wouldn’t you celebrate at a pub? Bonus: Check around and see if there’s any pub crawls happening in the area…or plan one for you and your friends!
3. Attend a Parade- Check out your local paper or some websites for fun things to do this year! Chances are that your town likely has a festival or parade to attend for the holiday. Going to something like this will really help you capture the spirit of the holiday to the fullest. Everyone will be wearing green and very excited to celebrate the traditions of the Irish.
4. Throw a party If theres no pubs, festivals or parades around, why not throw your own celebration? Get some green decorations and food, and invite your closest friends over to party.

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