5 Ideas to Help you Save for Summer Vacation

It never hurts to have some extra cash on hand when you’re looking to make plans for summer vacation. The amount of money you have saved up will determine just how far and how long you can go. But it can be difficult to save money as a college student when you’re already on a tight budget as it is.

Here we offer 5 simple ideas to help you buy cheaper items in order to save for your ultimate summer vacation:

  1. Learn to Cook

You don’t have to become a professional chef, but if you can learn to cook even just a few simple dishes, you can actually save yourself quite a bit of money. Find some easy recipes that require basic ingredients. This isn’t about impressing anyone else, it’s about saving money. Make sure you keep it somewhat healthy. You will be surprised at how quickly the money you would normally spend on fast food will add up in your savings account.

  1. Use Public Transportation

When you no longer have to pay for gas or car repairs, your savings account will grow rapidly. The truth is, using public transportation isn’t as difficult as you might think. It just takes a little getting used to. Many people are making the switch to public transportation these days in an effort to save money, help keep the environment clean and to stay healthier. There are actually reports now that show that people who use public transportation are in better physical shape.

  1. Make Your Own Coffee

We know how difficult it is to pass by your favorite café or coffee shop without stopping in for a cup. However, if you can stay disciplined and make your own coffee, you will start to see a huge difference in your savings account. The good news is, making your own coffee is becoming easier these days and much more convenient. There are more and more products available to help keep the cost of your daily cup of coffee to a minimum.

  1. Thrift Shop

Maybe Macklemore was really onto something after all. The next time you need a new shirt or pair of jeans, try hitting the local thrift shop or Goodwill. It’s amazing what you can find there at such low prices. When clothes are inexpensive, it allows you to have a more in depth wardrobe.

  1. Keep Your Items in Storage While You’re Away

Instead of continuing to pay for housing while you are away for the summer, pack your items up and store them safely at Dorm Room Movers. You’ll be able to drop your items off and pick them back up when you need, saving you time and money. We can also help with the pick up and delivery of your items so you can spend more time having fun over the summer.

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