How To Get Your Dorm Deposit Back When You Move Out

The moment has arrived when you have progressed to a point where you are moving out of the dorm! This could mean that you have reached the end of your education at that specific school or that you have found someplace else to live. Either way, it’s important that you remember to get your dorm deposit back when you move out.

In order to get your deposit back, most dormitories require that you leave your room in pretty much the same way you found it when you moved in. The purpose of a deposit is to cover any damages that may have occurred while you lived in the room. Your goal should be to leave everything looking good and working well.

Here are a few tips on how to make sure you get your dorm deposit back when you move out:

Leave the Bathroom Spotless

When you think about it, cleaning a bathroom after someone other than yourself has been usingit for several months or even a couple of years can be rather disgusting. Many dormitory landlords are willing to refund a deposit once they realize they don’t have to spend too much time doing any deep cleaning. This is especially true with bathrooms. Make sure you clean the tub, shower, toilet, and sinks very carefully. A clean bathroom is a good way to ensure you get your deposit back.

Check the Carpet or Other Flooring

Floors tend to take a beating and can easily show wear and tear easily. Be sure that you are taking the time to carefully clean the floors of your dorm room before you leave if you want to get your deposit back. Pay close attention to any stains or spots that may have shown up while you lived there. It’s worth it to buy some inexpensive cleaner and spend some time on your hands and knees scrubbing to get those spots out.

Does Everything Still Work?

Do windows open and close as they should? Are closet doors and shelves intact and ready forthe next inhabitant? Has there been any damage done to the doors in your dorm?

Your dormitory administrators will be looking for these types of repairs and will not hesitate to take the expense straight out of your deposit. Find out what repairs need to be made so you areaware what you’re up against. It could be that some of these repairs are simple enough that you can make them yourself.

If you’re just moving into a dorm and want to make sure that you get your deposit back, be sure to plan ahead. One thing that can make a difference is keeping your dorm room neat and tidy,free from clutter.

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