3 ways to bring spring into your dorm

Feeling blue? It is proven that nice weather can help keep people happy. Now that spring is rolling in, it seems that that old man winter didn’t get the memo. Regardless of the temperature outside, there are things you can do to simulate the sweet touch of spring in your dorm room. Here are 3 ways to bring spring into your dorm.

Procure a plantSimulate nature at its finest by bringing a plant into your dorm room. Opt for a plant that is resilient and relatively easy to care for. Bamboo can thrive in areas with dim lighting, and the beautiful plant is thought to bring luck to the bearer. Cacti (and other succulents) will benefit from a warmer climate, and can also flourish under the subdued lighting of a dorm room.

Wide open windows: While it might seem like a no-brainer,  one of the best ways to brighten up your dorm room is by opening your window(s). Most of us have been taught to use air conditioning and/or artificial heat when the temperature inside isn’t to our satisfaction. On nice days, prop open any and all windows to bring in a natural breeze. This will help to keep your stuffy dorm room properly ventilated and the warm sun on your skin will help keep your mood bright.

Revamp and re-decorateSpring is associated with growth and re-invention. We are creatures of habit, and sometimes change can be scary. If you find yourself struggling to adapt, that is all the more reason to mix things up and re-decorate your dorm space. Something as simple as a new colorful comforter or some throw pillows  can evoke feelings of springtime. Don’t be afraid to get creative!

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