3 things to Spring Clean before move out


It’s that time again- spring cleaning. This year is particularly important because you’re heading home from college and you’re going to have to pack all your stuff in your car, in boxes or pay to have it stored. Bottom line: the less stuff, the better…and the cheaper!

Here’s a few parts of your room you may want to focus on this year:

1. Closet: This is always a big one.You’re always changing, growing and buying new things so it’s important to get rid of the old. The rule of thumb is typically if you have not worn the item of clothing for at least a year, it’s time to give it up. Some say for every new item you get, you should give one away. Maybe you have a friend who absolutely loves your clothes or you know a great goodwill near by or someone who is in need. It’s always better to give your items away instead of throwing them out!

2. Desk: This may or may not be a new thing for you this year. You turn in so many papers, assignments and take tons of notes. What do you need or want to keep for next year? What is okay to throw away? Chances are, you have a lot of things backed up to your computer and you don’t need to keep a lot of your printed out items. As far as notes go, maybe you know a friend who is taking that class next semester and you can pass them down. Either way, it’s probably best to get rid of pages with just doodles and planners or flashcards that are useless now!

3. Dorm Room Supplies: Do you think you’ll need that shower caddy next year or are you moving and having your own bathroom? It’s time to get rid of anything you know you won’t be using next semester, or anything that is maybe too gross to use again. Look in to shower supplies, bulletin boards, posters and room decorations! If they are damaged and not worth paying to ship or store home for the summer, it may be time to retire them!

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