Going green for St. Patrick’s day… things you can recycle in your dorm

Well we all know St. Patricks day is about the pubs, festivals and parades, but it’s also about wearing green. This year, why celebrate by wearing green when you can GO GREEN? It’s the perfect excuse to recycle and get in to environmentally friendly habits.

Here are a few things you can recycle in your dorm….

Batteries: You probably don’t think about it but you use batteries for a lot of things in your dorm room. In your TV remotes, video games and even your calculator or alarm clock. Batteries are super easy and important to recycle so start a bag where you put your old batteries in and then when they build up a little bit, bring em on in!

Boxes: If you moved your stuff in during move in/out, or got a new TV, microwave or lamp, you may as well break that box down and recycle it! Did you order pizza last night when you were up studying? Don’t worry, thats recyclable too!

Newspaper or Magazines: After you read the school paper or your favorite magazine, what do you do with it? Chances are, you just throw it away. There are tons of recycle bins around campus and probably in your dorm so you can drop your stuff off on the way to class or probably even the bathroom!

Old School Stuff: So, the semester is over and you have this whole binder and notebook full of notes you will probably look at again. One way to recycle is to give to a friend or someone you know who is taking the class next semester but if you don’t know anyone who is, it may be time to part with them. You won’t need the printed out slides from the lectures, or the note cards you made when you pulled your all nighter 2 months ago.

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