3 reasons to take a break from your computer

Studying, checking social media, surfing the web and streaming TV and movies from your computer can be great, but what percentage of your day do you think you are starting at your computer or tablet screen? Chances are that percentage is pretty high. All of the things listed above may be in your daily routine, but have you ever thought about taking a much needed break from your computer? If you’re not already convinced, you need to read on.. Here are our top 3 reasons to put that computer down!

#1 Health- It’s not a secret that sitting in front of a computer all day can have an affect on your health. The most common thing you probably hear about is strained eyes. Make sure that if you are prescribed glasses or contacts, you always wear them when looking at your screen. Other health affects associated with sitting in front of your computer all day include neck and shoulder aches, as well as blood flow problems. Be sure to walk around and stretch every 30 minutes to get your blood flowing and body moving.

#2 Face to Face Communication- Using the internet and your phone are both great ways to communicate and maintain relationships but if you’re having a conversation using technology with someone whose sitting right next to you, you may want to reevaluate. Engaging in human interaction is important in our daily lives and some argue that it’s the best form. Try using your time away from the computer to go down the hall and have a conversation with your friends.

#3 Appreciate your surroundings- Put  down your your phone or tablet next time you walk to class and look around. Everyone around you will probably be on their phones, distracted by Snapchat or Instagram. You can take the time to fully embrace nature and appreciate the people you’re with. You’re only in college for a few years, so really take these moments to soak in the university and all it has to offer.

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