Things to do in the snow

It’s still snowy and cold outside so you can either hide out with a cup of noodles and watch whatever series you’re obsessed with these days, or you can go out and frolic in the snow. I don’t know about you but I’m choosing…SNOW!!! Here’s a few things to you can do in the snow this winter.

1. Sled- You’ve probably been doing this activity since you were little and the best part? It requires practically no skill or coordination. Just grab a sled, saucer, snow tube or anything that resembles what a sled is like and head out to the nearest hill.

2. Build a snowman- Since you’ve only seen Frozen 100 times once, you may not be a professional like Elsa, but making a snowman is a pretty fun activity where it’s not necessary for you to have tons of practice. Try skipping the buttons and carrot nose this year, and spice up your snowman by adding some fun, realistic accessories.

3. Ski/snowboard- Chances are there is a place to do both of these sports close, or semi close, to your school. It’s probably worth the drive and you can make a whole day or weekend trip out of it! If you’ve never been skiing or snowboarding before, you may want to book a lesson or have a friend whose a pro give you a few lessons before going out there on your own. If all else fails, there’s always hot chocolate and a fireplace at the lodge.

4. Snowball fight- Okay, your mind automatically went ‘how lame,’ but if you can think far back to when you had snowball fights, you probably just remembered that they’re awesome! Get a group of friends out and make teams. Come up with your own rules and make it interesting.

5. Snow angels– Who doesn’t love a good snow angel? This isn’t exactly an all day activity, but if you live on a campus that has a pretty hefty amount of snow you can’t miss out on laying in it. Just plop down and start moving your arms and legs in an out and in motion.

Whatever you decide to do, make sure you’re bundled up and ready to have fun!

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