5 ways to spice up your ramen

Ramen is pretty much known as one of the main food groups when you’re in college. It’s cheap, easy, filling and many argue, delicious. If you’re not familiar with the meal, packaged Ramen Noodle Soup comes with uncooked noodles and a flavor packet. The basic practice is to boil the noodles, add the seasoning and enjoy, but what if you want to spice it up? Eating Ramen day after day can get boring, even if you vary from shrimp to beef and chicken flavors. Here’s 5 ways to upgrade your Ramen.

#1 Veggie tales- Whether they’re frozen or fresh, adding veggies to your Ramen is simple and will take it to the next level. Typically Ramen isn’t known to many as the most nutritious meal, but integrating healthy veggies like broccoli, sugar snap peas and shelled edamame will help to balance the meal a little more.

#2 Protein please – The flavoring packets of beef, chicken and shrimp may give you the allusion of protein, but may leave you craving something more. Try adding rotisserie chicken or diced ham to your bowl for that extra boost.

#3 That’s amore!- Although Ramen is typically an asian dish, there’s no need to be basic. Venture outside the Sriracha sauce and miso paste you were going to add, and change the type of cuisine. Just buy (or make) a tomato, bolognese or Alfredo sauce and add a touch of parmesan! Bon appétit.

#3 Crunchify me- Everyone needs a good snack mix while they study. Ramen goes great with peanuts and dried peas, so mix everything together with the seasoning and get to studying! The recipe does suggest baking the ingredients, but people also do a no-bake mix as well.

#4 Go green- Just because ramen has a bad rep for being unhealthy doesn’t mean you have to listen to it. Get inventive and make a salad using the noodles. They will add a delicious crunch to a healthy lunch.

#5 Ramen fiesta!- Whose says you can’t use Ramen noodles to have mexican food? By just adding some taco seasoning, tomatoes, corn and cilantro, you can have a fiesta in your dorm room! This recipe calls for a pot to heat your ramen and tomatoes up, but it’ll work perfectly in the microwave too!

Whether you’re preparing Ramen the old fashioned way, doctoring it up or changing it’s identity completely, happy cooking!

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