How To Reuse your Christmas leftovers if you stayed in your dorm

For those of you who may have stayed at your dorm for Christmas break, you may be facing one final dilemma as you bring the Christmas season to a close. Between the stuff your family sent you, the stuff your friends left when they dropped by and the stuff you bought on your own, it is very easy to find yourself sitting in your dorm surrounded with leftover Christmas…stuff! What do you with it all?

Like the good and sensible college student you are, you want to be sure you are getting the most out of everything that comes your way. Even though Christmas leftovers such as wrapping paper and eggnog might seem disposable to many, you can find a way to cleverly reuse or reinvent these items that gives them a new life. Here are a few ideas:


First off, if you have not decorated with tinsel before, you are definitely missing out. Make a mental note right now to add tinsel to your decoration list for next year. You get tons of shininess at a very low cost. Once Christmas is over, cut the tinsel up to make New Year’s decorations, including a flashy centerpiece. You can also use tinsel to spice up a light fixture and turn it into a tinsel disco ball. Be careful if you have pets as tinsel can be dangerous for them.

Wrapping Paper

Some people use very nice wrapping paper and it feels like a crime to simply throw it away once the present is unwrapped. You might try recycling wrapping paper by carefully storing it until next year. Ironing wrapping paper on a very low setting is a great way to get out wrinkles. Wrapping paper can also be used as a photo mat for your Christmas photos or used to line the drawers in your room. At the very least, you can always shred wrapping paper and make some confetti for New Year’s Eve parties.


No Christmas decorating is complete without some lights. When the season comes to an end, you can simply transfer those lights to another location in your room to add some atmosphere. Hang them on the walls around your bed or on the back porch. They can definitely help to set the mood when you are just looking to hang out and relax.

Eggnog and Gingerbread

Leftover food needs to be addressed right away! If you have eggnog, but are sick of drinking it on its own, try making an eggnog latte. You may even try adding eggnog to your pancakes or French toast to change things up. Gingerbread houses as a snack may have lost their appeal as a snack days ago, but you can smash them up and use the crumbs as a topping for ice cream or a cake. Make sure all of the ingredients of your gingerbread house are edible!

For the bigger Christmas stuff, like artificial trees or boxes, you might consider a storage solution like the ones we offer at Dorm Room Movers. We will keep your stuff safe and ready to use for next year. To learn more, call us at 888-769-3676.

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