5 Online Workout Videos To Lose Your Holiday Weight

Ham. Stuffing. Potatoes. Cake. Cookies. All of these foods are delicious and of course incredibly hard to turn down. It’s difficult not to indulge during the holidays, but now that they’re over and it’s a new year, it’s time stray away from those decisions and laying on the couch all day long. On top of focusing on making healthy food choices, a good way to get back in shape is with exercise. Since it’s still cold outside and going to the gym on campus may not always be ideal, here are 5 different types of exercises with videos to help you do them right in your dorm room.

YogaSometimes yoga doesn’t get the best rep when it comes to helping you loose weight, but there are tons of different types of yoga out there that people use for different things. You can start your day off with a stretching class to open up your muscles and warm up for your more intense workout later on in the day, or you can do more of a fat burning form of yoga like vinyasa.

BarreBallet barre cardio and muscle toning classes are all the rage right now, but if there’s no studio near you or your college budget is a little tight this month, check out an online class. You can do barre workouts using just your desk chair in your dorm room and get the same results.

Zumba It’s not uncommon to dread working out. Sometimes going on the elliptical or treadmill can be super boring but if you choose the right workout for you, it can be fun. Zumba is a fast paced dance workout inspired by latin dance moves and music, and can really get you sweating while enjoying the workout.

HIIT workoutHIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) has become a popular way to burn fat and get you in the best shape possible. It consists of doing quick intervals of exercises, followed by short breaks for recovery, and then starts in on a new movement. If you’re in to intense workouts, this is the one for you.

PilatesThis form of exercise hones in on balancing your body and mind with your core and flexibility. Mat Pilates is great for smaller spaces and once you have some of the main movements down, you can even create your own routine.

Although we found some pretty great free online workout videos, there are TONS more out there. Many people have their own websites and YouTube channels dedicated to their specific specialized field of exercise. If you search the Internet, you’re bound to find what you’re looking for!

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