Top College New Years Resolutions

It’s hard to decide what to put on your  New Year’s Resolution list so don’t worry, we did it for you! Here is our top 5…

1. Be Healthier- This may mean going to the gym more often, walking to class instead of driving or eating a healthier diet. Staying healthy and active can be a hard resolution one to stick to after February rolls around, but you’re more likely to continue if you create a workout schedule or have a buddy who’s trying to be healthy too. Try not to think of this as a diet, and thing of it as a lifestyle change.

2. Do Better in school- Did you get a C on your last test or forget to turn in an assignment because you went out the night before?? Get it together in 2015! pay attention and take notes legible notes instead of going on Instagram. Don’t procrastinate until the last minute to write a paper the night before it’s due. Although you are supposed to have a great time in college, remember that you’re really there to learn.

3. Stop obsessing over social media- okay, so your BFF chose the wrong filter or picked the picture where your smile looks funny…who will really care about that picture in 5 minutes anyways? It’s hard not to get sucked in to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. but making a point to have face to face relationships and paying attention to conversations instead of sitting on your phone is super important.

4. Sleep more- If you’re up watching reruns of Gossip Girl on Netflix, you aren’t alone- we definitely get it. Serena, Blair, Chuck and Dan can be very compelling, but you still have that 8 am class tomorrow. You can’t expect to keep up grades, social obligations and work when you’re not getting enough sleep. Try to set a time range for when you’re going to get in bed that way you don’t have a specific time but there are some guidelines.

5. Keep on Budget- Sometimes when your friends are going out to sushi or want to go to a movie, it’s hard to stick to your guns on your budget. Things can add up for school and personal costs. Just remember that maybe you don’t need that extra dress or that late night 4th meal at taco bell. It might be better to save your money for something that’s important to you, like a flight home to see family.

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