The 5 Best College Apps

In college your life is always on the go. Whether you’re in class, hanging out with friends, at your job or attending a meeting, you’ll most likely still have one thing with you… your phone. It’s amazing how much you can do with just one device and how apps can really change your day to day life. Check out our must have apps for college students!

#1 Quizlet

If you have an exam coming up and find yourself with a few spare minutes when you’re out and about at a meeting or waiting for a friend, Quizlet is your chance to  you to study on the go. You can make online flashcards so you can study anywhere using the app and even check out people’s past study materials who have taken the same classes. The study tools and games will take preparing for a test to the next level and you can access your information from both the app and website.

#2 Chegg

Picking up your books right after getting your booklist is a nice feeling…until you see the receipt. Spending money on books every semester really piles up so Chegg created another alternative that allows you to search for any book you need and rent it for a much cheaper price. The app also offers live tutors and homework help, as well as internship and career path exploration.

#3 Clear

This app is essential if you want to stay organized. Clear allows you to manage your daily schedule and tasks including things like different classes and assignments, as well as day to day priorities like going to the grocery store and working out. You can have different lists for and even set reminders so you don’t forget any of your tasks.

#4 PDF scanner

You will be surprised at how much you actually use this app. No matter where you are, if you find something you think you could use to study with and you want to get it on your phone, tablet or computer, you can scan it right in to your phone and have it in a pdf format.

#5 Google drive

When you’re working on group projects, google drive can come in handy. You can store any files and folders you want in google drive and share it with friends, family and classmates so that they can see or edit with you. Downloading the app that goes along with it will allow you to edit or look at anything you have in your google drive anywhere you go.

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