Best gifts to get for your dorm room

It’s hard to figure out what to get your child for the holidays. There’s so many choices out there, but you want to get them something awesome yet practical at the same time. Here’s our top 5 gifts to get for a college student & their dorm room:

P.S. If you’re a college student reading this, just copy and send the link to your parents. We’ll do all the persuading to make sure you get the good stuff this year!

1) Streaming Player: You’re sure to put a big smile on your student’s face with this gift. They can watch Netflix on here and download apps for ABC, Lifetime MTV and many more to watch all their favorite TV shoes. The current top choices to choose from are the Apple TV and Roku 3. If you’re not sure which one to buy, check out the differences here.

2) Cool coffeemaker: With all that cramming for finals, you know your student is drinking some type of energy drink to get through studying. Why not give them the gift of good coffee this season? Check out the Mr. Coffee Smart Coffeemaker, which can be controlled through a smartphone or tablet.

3) Bicycle: If your student goes to a big school, this is the perfect present for them. A bike will help them get to class on time, and is also a great form of exercise.

4) Wireless headphones: Look around next time you’re on a college campus and take note of how many students have headphones on or in their ears. Wireless headphones just make everything easier and Amazon has a wide variety of wireless headphones to choose from. These can be great for studying or even to cancel out noise in the dorms!

5) Wireless Speaker– Okay we have to admit that this is definitely more fun than function, but doesn’t everyone deserve to have a little fun? A cool new wireless speaker will be great when your student has friends over or wants to play some light study music, and don’t worry it also acts as an alarm so they won’t be late to their 8am class on Fridays.

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