DIY Holiday Party Outfits

So, you got invited to a holiday themed party this month? Join the club. Since we’re all dreading SUPER excited about wearing an ugly Christmas sweater to the party, it’s time to get a head start and pick out an outfit. This year you have two choices- you can blend in or you can stand out. Why just buy the first ugly sweater you can find at the store? Instead, try crafting something unique or venturing outside of the “sweater mold.” Here are a few other options you can make for this year’s parties.

Bow-utiful– Try experimenting with gift wrapping bows and change it up by wearing a crafted christmas themed skirt or dress.

Using all the right tulles– Instead of putting a picture of a christmas tree on your sweater, just dress up as an actual tree. Although you probably won’t win the award for “ugliest sweater,” you’ll be sure to look the cutest at the party!

Rudolph, is that you?– Time to use that sock bun practice to your advantage. Get a little festive in your hair and everyone will forget about the ugly sweater you were supposed to wear,

Tinseltown– Shine bright and sparkle all night in something made out of tinsel. This could be also be great for an ABC (anything but clothes) party.

Do you want to build a snowman?– No, I’m not talking about sitting at home and watching Frozen instead of going to the party. Get creative and dress up as one of winter’s iconic mascots.

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