5 Snacks For Your Brain During Finals


Is your stomach full but your brain still hungry? Finals are coming up so we know you’ve been eating plenty of ramen and junk food, but that’s probably not helping you out during your study sessions. Choosing the right foods can fuel your brain and even raise your test scores. So, step away from the Doritos and make your way to the produce section.

Check out these brain-friendly (yet delicious) snacks..

#1 Trail Mix– You can either buy this one or make it at home. The good news? Making it just includes buying your favorite nuts, seeds, dried fruit and even some dark chocolate, and mixing it all up. The best part is that these ingredients listed are also great for your body. Nuts and seeds are known to clear up brain fog and even contain vitamins important for memory and cognitive function.

#2 Berry salad– Berries, especially blueberries, are known to enhance memory, so why not have a sweet treat during study time? You can also do a berry and granola yogurt parfait if you want to switch it up.

#3 Hummus with Veggies– It’s really no secret that veggies are good for you. Every night when you were little, you probably weren’t allowed to have dessert until you finish your veggies. Veggies like carrots, celery and peppers these contain vitamins that promote memory function. You can homemake a healthy recipe for hummus or if you’re in a rush and running late to a study group, simply stop by and grab a veggie platter and the healthiest hummus you can find at the grocery store.

#4 Avocado toast-Avocados are considered a good fat for you and are all around good for your brain. Avocado and toast is a pretty easy snack to make that will leave you feeling full for hours. You can doctor it up and add fun things like bacon, lime juice and tomatoes, or keep it plain and simple with just the avocado and toast.

#5 Granola bars– This is another snack that can be made or bought, but if you make it yourself you can customize it using your favorite ingredients. The granola, nuts and seeds that are in granola bars contain nutrients, like iron and omega-3s that will improve your brain function and memory.

Happy studying!

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