10 International MBA Programs and how WE can help you get there!

As a business major, I bet you’ve thought about what you’re going to do next- get a corporate job, venture off on your own to start your own company or continue your education on to get your MBA (Master’s Degree in Business Administration). If you’re at all interested in getting your MBA and love to travel, you should consider going abroad for the year. 

There are TONS of schools all over the world who offer a 1-year MBA program, so you can study while seeing the world at the same time. If you’ve always wanted to study abroad in college but never found the chance, this is the perfect opportunity

Here are some international MBA programs to check out! (Schools are in no particular ranking order)

#1 INSEAD: The Business School for the World 
Locations: Fountainebleau in Paris, France, Singapore and Abu Dhabi
Program Duration: 10 months

#2 HEC Montreal
Location: Quebec, Canada
Program Duration: 12 months

#3 SDA Bocconi School of Management
Location: Milan, Italy
Program Duration: 12 months

#4 Queen’s School of Business
Location: Kingston, Ontario (Canada)
Program Duration: 12 months

#5 London Business School
Location: London, England
Program Duration: 15-21 months

#6 ESADE Business School
Location: Barcelona, Spain
Program Duration: 12-18 months full-time

#7 University of Bologna Business School
Location: Bologna, Italy 
Program Duration: 12 months

#8 HEC Paris
Location: Jouy-en-Josas, France

Program Duration: 12-16 months full time

#9 IE Business School
Location: Madrid, Spain
Program Duration: 10-15 months

#10 Saïd Business School, Oxford University
Location: Oxford England
Program Duration: 12 months

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Bon Voyage!

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