A Girls Guide to DIY Halloween Costumes

Are you feeling the pressure of a tight college budget this October? With all of your everyday expenses, it’s difficult to justify spending money on a packaged costume you’ll probably wear once or twice…but who says you have to do that to win best costume at the Halloween rager you’re going to?

Many people don’t realize that you don’t have to go to the closest pop up store near campus to look fabulous on Halloween. Sometimes all you need to do is go to the local arts and crafts store to make your own costume. Halloween is just over one week away, so it’s time to get to planning. Start off by choosing your costume and then surveying your closet to see what you already have. After that just make your list, go to the store and then get to crafting.

Here are four examples of costumes you can make at home!

#1 The Loofah
Cost Average: $20-25
Time: 30 minutes
Nylon matte netting or tulle (your color of choice)
White cord or rope (for the handle)
Safety pins

#2 Gumball Machine
Cost Average: $15-30
Time: 1-2 hours
Tank Top, tube top or bando
Real Gumballs OR multicolored craft pom-poms OR Styrofoam balls and paint
A red skirt
Silver duct tape or felt
Hot Glue Gun

#3 The Pinata 
Cost Average: $10-15
Time: 2-3 hours
Streamers or felt in color of choice
Slip Dress
Hot glue or fabric glue

#4 Mermaid
Cost Average: $25-30
Time: 1-2 hours
Fabric Paint in White, Gold & Glitter
Pearl stickers
Green Sequined fabric
Glue Gun 
Paint Brush
Optional: Headband and small starfish 

Just remember that any packaged costume can pretty much be remade with enough imagination. So craft, have fun and be safe during Halloweekend!

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