5 Ways To Repurpose Your Summer Outfits This Fall

Not ready to put your favorite mini dress or plunging blouse away for fall? You don’t have to! With the weather somewhere in between hot and cold you may not be ready to fully cross over to the winter section in your closet just yet, so why not mix it up? A few simple wintery additions to your summer pieces will transform them in to fall ensembles.

#1 Outerwear Affair
Whether it’s leather or jean, throwing a jacket on before heading out can take any look from summer to fall. The leather will give your outfit an edge and keep you warmer at night, while the jean will make you look comfier and give off a casual vibe. If it’s not quite cold enough for a jean jacket, try a lighter version like a chambray shirt.

#2 Get it right with tights
Adding tights to any skirt, dress or pair of shorts can completely alter your look. Try playing with different colors and patterns to add a pop of fun.

#3 Bootie-licious
If it’s not chilly enough to wear full boots yet, stick to ankle booties. They still keep your feet warm and can be worn almost all year round. Try experimenting with and without a heel to dress looks up or down.

#4 Scarf it up
If a t-shirt isn’t keeping you warm but it’s still too hot for a jacket or sweater, try adding a statement scarf. An over sized patterned scarf or a classic infinity style in a fall color, like a deep red, can add a new twist, making an old shirt look new again.

#5 The best inVESTment
When it comes to vests, one purchase goes a long way. Adding this extra layer keeps you warm and can make an outfit look completely different. Vests are great for all seasons and there are tons of different styles to choose from. Try a sweater vest to keep it casual or a faux fur vest for a dressier night out.

Happy dressing! I’m sure you’ll look FAB.

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