Dorm Life Confessions: What You’ll Learn The First Few Weeks


The first rule to living in a compact 14×14 room with one or more stranger is that there are no rules (other than what your college residential life program has set up of course). The truth of the matter is that a majority of any dorm rule placed in the rule book is bound to be broken by you, your roommate or a dorm buddy across the hall within the first few weeks of your dorm life term. The simple truth is, it’s just human nature and/or you didn’t pay too close attention to what you can and can’t do. The good news is, that’s what your RA is there for. So make nice while you can!

Below are five dorm life confessions of what you’ll realize about college in your first few weeks on campus: 

#1: Life on campus isn’t an actual party…
Despite what’s depicted in the movies, dorm life (or reslife, what college and universities refer to it as) is not one big giant sorority or fraternity party. Yes, floor wars or theme parties occur… And sure there is the occasional sister or brother handing out invitations to the latest and greatest toga event. But for most part, after the first few weeks that all dies down and your butterflies dissipate. Once the switch happens, you’ll realize that everyone on the floor (you’ll soon call home) is too busy to focus solely on social status, let alone functions. Eat, sleep, and study is your new motto my friend. 

#2: Studying Isn’t Easy…
Life in the dorms is noisy… It’s an unfortunate fact and in time you’ll learn to sleep through it. Tip for that, invest in some good ear plugs. That being said, because of the heavy foot traffic, your roomies, and the occasional Wednesday-Saturday floor war episode – relying on your dorm room as the “safe haven” to study isn’t always the best approach. In fact, you may be better off labeling the library on campus as your second home away from home. Because 9 out of the 10 times, it will be your saving grace to getting work done during crunch time. 

#3: Saying No, Is Actually ok…
About 90% of the articles out there will tell you: ‘get to know your RA’, or ‘get involved in all of the social functions’, etc., etc. Though those tips are definitely advised on this article too, it’s also important to keep in mind that you are going to have to create limitations and can’t do everything. Better yet, you may not want to go out just for the sake of getting some down time.  Which ever may be the case, saying no is ok.  You won’t be cast out or deemed the social ‘Debbie Downer’. Unless that’s your forte.  Simply realizing that prioritizing what your school obligations are over your social commitments will keep you ahead of your school work and help avoid any last “oh sh*t I forgot that assignment moments. 

#4: Communal Showers Isn’t As Bad As You Think…
You’ve heard the good, the bad, and the ugly rumors of using communal facilities and no doubt have seen a few terrible sitcoms depicting it all. So, adjusting to showering, going to the restroom or even brushing your teeth with 10+ other people at the same time may take some time. Though you won’t be able to be completely discreet, it doesn’t mean you have to wake up from sweaty nightmares of being buck naked in front of people you don’t know either. Besides, that’s what robes are for silly. Jeeshhh… At the end of the day, despite how daunting it may or may not seem to you… Everyone in your hall is in the same boat. Which means any anxiety you may feel about it now, you’ll most likely share with 75% of the population in the dorms. It also can make for some funny conversations to help ease the tension. 

#5: Everyone Has Dirty Laundry…
Unfortunately there is no magic wand. Though good old mommy or daddy may have done all your laundry at home, you’re on your own now which means laundry duty is all on your shoulders. And airing your dirty pieces will become a custom. Sure you don’t want the cute guy or girl to see your under garments. But guess what? They have them too… Which means you’re all in the same predicament. However, there are ways to stay discreet if you want to prevent them from being viewed. The simple solution is a tie-up laundry bag. Don’t be old fashioned with the hampers… Get a laundry sack and make it your new buddy. 

And that’s a wrap on the Dorm Life Confessions… At least for the first few weeks any how. No doubt more tips and tricks will come up to help get you through any uncertainties, either way best of luck to all you new and returning students. 




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