3 Do’s & Don’ts Of College


With college around the corner… 

There are many opinions on what to buy, what the best practices are to follow while away, who you should connect with when you get there and the list goes on and on. In the spirit of helping you set the right tone for your college experience, below are a few helpful habits you should consider and which ones to avoid while away at college. 

3 Do’s…

  1. Start your papers early. Research and writing your papers takes time. Usually allocating one to two weeks prior to the due date will help give you enough time to properly write a good paper. 
  2. Set a schedule for yourself, between classes, studying and time with your friends you’ll have a lot of juggling to do and no one to remind you of your responsibilities. Allocating time will help avoid last minute cram sessions and/or projects that you may have forgotten about. 
  3. If you get stuck on an assignment request examples of old exams and/or projects from your professors. 

3 Don’ts…

  1. Don’t get in the habit of skipping classes. 
  2. Try no to cram all of your studying the night before an exam or when a project is due. You’ll most likely make more mistakes or forget what your trying to retain.  
  3. Don’t skip on editing or having a buddy proofread your work.

Hope that gives you a bit of a head start with the following months to come! 

Good luck,



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