Get Settled Into Your Dorm Easily With This Gem!

Dorm Room Movers is proud to announce their latest partnership with Pijon, a monthly curated care package delivered directly to students on campus. No need to leave all of the shopping up to mom and dad. Have Pijon send you trendy gear and healthy snacks to munch on instead!  

You’ll receive a goodie package each and every month without breaking the bank. Starting at $23 a month, Pijon has different options based on your needs and budget making it ideal to everyone. 

The best part is you can feel good about all of the awesomeness you receive because Pijon gives back. 
Over 25,000 packages of childhood essentials and comfort items are donated every year to kids in need with Pijon’s Project Night Night. In fact, it’s Pijon’s mission to ensure kids feel happy, healthy and loved. Which is why they’re so great at what they do! 

To get started and save 15% off any PijonBox subscription when you signup with this discount code -> drm-special-price and have a great semester!

Enjoy the goodies!


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