Top 3 Reasons To Go Greek!

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Going Greek can boost a lot of things… 

Your friend count and social status as well as open doors to invite only parties. From more recent studies it’s also proven to have helped pave a smoother path for career success.  According to USA Today’s article Going Greek May Lead To The ‘Good Life’ students who were in sororities or fraternities reported a 10% higher rate for ‘real word’ preparation as opposed to students who did not pledge. 

So, if you’re thinking about pledging this year, below are the top 3 reasons to get involved!

1: The Connections –
With over 5500 (and growing) chapters across the US, brothers and sisters that pledge themselves to the Greek Life program are able to interconnect throughout the US with one another, at local sponsorships and charities as well as build connections with some of the top employers in the country through networking events. 

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2: The Events –
From themed parties and homecoming week to philanthropy events and theatrical productions, sororities and fraternities offer a number of social activities to keep you actively involved in your campus community. On a leadership standpoint, participating in the coordination of them will give you a lot of insight on how to juggle vendors and other students (the attendees), as well as give you the insiders guide to getting the correct funding for the events.  

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3: The Experience-
A number of students who pledge report that their involvement within the Greek Life program is what ultimately led to a more enjoyable college experience. Overall, the Greek community forces you to take action, participate and interact with your sorority/fraternity brothers and sisters. Though it may seem intimidating at first, you quickly adjust to the social scene and learn the importance of actively participating in social events. Learning how to juggle the social events can also affect your behavior in the classroom as well. By interacting with people you don’t know on a daily basis, that is bound improve your participation in class and give you the confidence you need to communicate effectively to your teachers, peers and professors. 

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If you decide to move forward with it – good luck on pledging and rush week! 




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