Top 6 Must Have College Items For Your Dorm!


Whether you’re heading to the dorms this fall for the first time or returning, you may be in need of some dorm items to help you get situated for the semester. Depending on your budget and needs, below are 6 items (some of which are bundled packages) that will help get you a step in the right direction!

Top 6 Must Have College Items : 

3-IN-1 breakfast Station & Coffee Maker –
Even if you aren’t a coffee drinker (which will most likely change once school starts) you can you this nifty little gadget to cook in. It’s small, affordable and easy to store away when you don’t need it. 

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The Ultra Closet Complete Set –
This closet bundle package has all of the essential items to keep your apparel separated from your roommates while simultaneously organizing and maximizing small space. Not only will it hold all of your gear, it’s also easy to pack up when you’ve got to head home. 

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Shower (Bucket) Tote –
Keep all of your bathroom items together with this amazing caddy organizer. With over 14 colors to select from this bucket tote has 25 pockets to place your hygiene products and/or toiletries in.

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Aglow Clip Lamp –
Brighten up your dorm room with this functional lamp clip! 

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Dorm Bedding Necessity Package –
Instead of buying all of these items separately, here is another packaged bundle that includes the top 5 bedding necessities for your college dorm. This package includes an XL twin mattress cover, mattress pad, 3 piece sheet set, comforter and a storage box to pack it back up in. 

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Big Joe Dorm Chair –
The chair is the ultimate bean bag seat that is not only comfy but practical. It’s stain and water resistant material will come in handy and won’t take up too much space. 

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A few others that you may want to consider or purchase later on in the semester when you’ve  settled in are a mini fridge, a book shelf, a floor lamp, a dry erase board or calendar, and maybe a floor rug in case your room gets a tad chilly in the cooler months. 

Good luck with your purchases and move to college!



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