What Makes Uber The Right Ride?


The better question may be, do you know what Uber is? Or better yet, have you tried it yet?  

If you’ve answered no to either of those two questions, you’re in the right spot!  Uber, in a nut shell is a car service company that you can hail at any time (just like a cab) by simply tapping on your phone. All you have to do is download their app, enter your details and debit or credit card,  apply your credit, and you can request a ride at any time. 

The true difference between choosing to ride with Uber over a taxi or car service is the experience.  Rather than calling a service, giving them your details and waiting around 10-30 minutes, Uber’s app is able to pin point your location and find someone who provides rides within your area within minutes.  Goodbye horrid smelling taxi’s and driving with people who can barely speak english and hello friendly locals who want to help you get to your desired location!  The best part is there is no money exchanged and no tip is required as it’s already included. 

All in all, Uber makes the experience of requesting a ride reliable at a reasonable price a friendly experience! What more could a college student hope for? hahaaaa

Check out and begin using Uber today! 



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