3 Cheap Flight Tricks To Score Summer Deals

Imagine… Not having to worry about alarm clocks, class attendance, or any more book fees. It’s time to kick all of the tension from the past couple of months to the curb and enjoy your summer hiatus. 

If you happen to be heading out of town or would like to within the upcoming weeks, use these quick and simple methods to navigate your way through the minefield of expensive flights. 

3 Flight Tricks To Score Summer Deals:

#1: Student Discounts Can Pay Off…
If you’re unfamiliar with STATravel, then it’s time to familiarize yourself. You can save bucket-loads using their student discounts – especially if you want to travel abroad. Beginning at $300, you can get yourself a ticket and fly across the pond to one of many major destinations such as Paris, London and Barcelona. They even provide discounts for group tours in case you want to fly with a few pals. All you have to do is sign up for a ISIC card and they’ll take care of the rest. Student Universe is another awesome resource that often has promotions for domestic flights if flying overseas isn’t in your budget.

#2: Take A Group Trip…
If you and 2 or more of your buddies want to party during your break, a great option is to go through JusCollege. Their group deals offer VIP packages that cater to pool parties, music festivals and some of the hottest clubs It all depends on where your heart is set on going!

#3: Start Your Getaway Subscription Search
Though it might not be ideal, signing up for a Groupon getaway subscription will keep you in the loop with local, domestic and international discount options. If email subscriptions are not your deal, you can just hop on their site a few times a week until the Groupon deal that appeals to you grabs your attention. 

As a Dorm Room Movers author, feel free to leave any additional suggestions and be sure to enjoy your summer hiatus… Good luck finding your trip and enjoy!



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