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For some, a 3 month siesta from college is a tad too long… Especially if you want to finish your degree ahead of schedule. Whether that’s due to a job you’ve got your heart set on or one you’ve already managed to line up, earning credits while you’re off-campus is essential to finishing your degree early. 

Most campuses offer online options for undergrad classes. If classes isn’t what you’re planning for your summer break but you still want to earn extra points, check out your campuses summer internship programs. 


Taking classes over the summer can easily give you an increase in credits. The great thing about summer courses is that you still earn the full credit amount that you would for a typical semester class, but you earn them in a shorter amount of time. Some students prefer summer classes to speed through their studies and get a head start on their fall semester schedule. If you intend on registering for online classes, I’d recommend limiting your class amount to 3. Any more than that and you won’t give yourself much of a break to relax (which may burn you out).The good news is that for every class you take, you earn 3-4 credits, which is close to a standard semester. 


Even if you’ve already moved back home for the summer, your campus career center should remain open and be able to point you in the right direction as far as being able to provide you with a list of summer internships to select from. If your campus doesn’t offer this during the off season, you can check into InternMatch.comInternships.com, & InternshipQueen.com for listings.  

If you need help with your resume or want to know how to clean up your social presence to land a job, checkout the other blog articles on how to do just that! As a Dorm Room Movers author, feel free to leave any comments or suggestions. Good luck with your online classes and/or internship program over the summer. 



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