8 Things To Reflect On From The Past School Year

Since you’re heading home soon, we thought it would be nice to provide you with a few of the past school year’s moments to reflect on. Whether they affected you directly or indirectly, viewing them is bound to alleviate any temporary cricks in your neck from studying or simply give you something to laugh at… Enjoy =0)

Light Purple or Teal Hair Became Trendy
From light purple that almost appears to look grey up close or in the wrong lighting to teal hair colors – everyone decided to jump on the bandwagon and go bold with every color of the rainbow overnight. The only one who we think can truly pull it off is Kelly Osborne. She just wears the color well, don’t you think? Mehhhh, maybe it’s the attitude.


A Sixteen Year Old Girl Turned Heads With Her Voice 
Even if you may not be a fan of Lorde, Ella Yelich-O’Connor’s rough vocals spoke volumes to 18-22 year olds everywhere with her debut song about victims of capitalism. We’re curious if she sounds that amazing without auto-tune though. Thoughts?


The Hobbit Was Cool For A Day (Maybe A Week)
The Hobbit is one of those timeless pieces. Whether you read it as a kid or more recently before the movie came onto the big screen, it’s one of those books that you have to cross off your list. In fact all of the Hobbit books are… But, something about seeing it in action on the big screen kind of placed the “creepiness” into perspective for a majority of audiences nationwide. It definitely made us re-think the wholesome goodness of dear old Bilbo Baggins. 


Lance Armstrong Finally Admitted To Doping
Lance Armstrong turned heads after admitting to Oprah that his entire career had been a lie. As a result, he lost a majority of his endorsements, had to give back his medals and was banned from competing in cycling for life. All I’ve got to say is, we all knew it. Why is everyone so mad about it now? The dude still competed in a ridiculously hard race and battled cancer to boot. Give it up already….


Game of Thrones Was Your Favorite Show – Admit It! 
And maybe it still is… In the past couple of years, HBO’s TV series Game of Thrones took off and became every campuses hot topic to gossip about. Something about medieval fantasy books turning big screen gets people’s imaginations hooked. Factor in the religious, political and mythological intrigue and you’ve got one heck of of a show to tune into if you haven’t already. 


Who Knew Cups Could Sound So Good OR Maybe It’s Just Anna! Whether it’s the cups, her voice or very possibly her cute girl-next-door face; Anna turned heads with her debut single in Pitch Perfect’s film, ‘When I’m Gone’. 


Miley Shocked The World With Her Mouth & Hip Gyrations
From the sweet and innocent Hannah Montana to the obscene gestures performed at the VMAs this year, Miley shocked the world with her moves on and off stage. If you haven’t heard of Miley then you’re probably unfamiliar with her twerking and wild tongue gestures. Instead of having to Google search an image of her, one’s been provided below. You’re welcome!


Snapchat, & Selfies Were YOUR Buzzwords
In 2013, thousands of students downloaded this app onto their phones and began snapping photos and sending them to their friends or significant others. Labeled as the “safe” way to send questionable pictures, it is now the way to get your photos to those, and only those that you want looking. Which helps if you don’t want mom or dad seeing anything thing from your crazy weekends with your dorm buddies. As for the selfie… Big shout out to Urban Dictionary for laying it all out for us just in case you’re unfamiliar with the jargon.


As an author of Dorm Room Movers, feel free to leave your comments. Good luck on your finals!



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