Top 5 Spring Break Destinations For College Students


Ahhhh…. Spring time… The birds, the bee’s, the sunshine. It all adds up to put a nice fat smile on your mug… Especially after enduring a bitter and cruel winter. Not that we experienced one here in Phoenix, but hey – I can sympathize with you Northerners and East Coast folks! Add a bucket of beer and you’re golden (at least for a few hours). 

If you’re planning on heading off campus for your Spring Break, why not select a spot that has the most happening parties, best beach bods to stare at? An all around fun fest for all you creepy gawkers!

Below is this year’s Top 5 College Spring Break Destinations to visit:

#1: Las Vegas, Nevada
Sin city is a hard temptation to resist. With it’s lights, street vendors, shows, pool parties and night clubs – you can’t go wrong if you find yourself heading towards the city of Las Vegas. So, if you’ve got some extra cash to burn and a few other pals of your’s are down, take a wild ride tour on the sunshine strip! 


#2: Cancun, Mexico
Seafood, beaches and tequila are what comes to mind when I picture Cancun. Add a few Moroccans and you’ve got yourself a fiesta of goodness. Just be sure to pack your passport! You don’t want to have to make a call to mommy and daddy telling them that you’re stuck on the other side of the boarder. 


#3: Miami, Florida 
Not far for you East Coast kids, Miami Florida is another hot spot for College student this year. With the barely there clothing and bikinis, showing off skin is the name of the game. Just be sure to dive into the island cuisine if you do take a plane or car ride to this place. 


#4: San Diego, California
Nothing beats a California tan. Not even the fake tanned people off Jersey Shore. San Diego has a plethora of sights, sounds and exquisite tastes to try out. Even if you just stomp around downtown, you’ll find yourself lost in translation with all of the options to choose from. 


#5: Costa Rica 
Last but definitely NOT least, Costa Rica is a country you must put on your bucket list. Though it may be a tad farther south than some prefer, you’ve got to visit. The people are humbly friendly, the foods fresh and tasty and the price tags are cheap. The best part Their beaches are practically bare. Meaning no reservations necessary or playing bumper car to get a spot and take a snooze on the sand. With it’s adventurous hiking trails and zip lining through the tree tops, Costa Rica is a sure thing.


And that’s a wrap on this years best places to visit during Spring Break! As a Dorm Room Movers author, feel free to leave any suggestions or comments on places you feel are great to visit. 

Best of luck with your planning,


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