The Ultimate College Bucket List


A Featured Blog Post By Kendall Cheever A Student @ University of Oregon

College is an amazing time where the whole world is placed in front of you… And I plan to make the most of my time here! 

Below are 6 MUST do College experiences to ensure I fulfill everything on my list before I graduate.  

We’ve all seen Animal House. Here at U of O where the movie was filmed, it’s kind of an institution, or a rite of passage. You aren’t officially in college until you have been to a toga party.

The wind in your hair, the sun at your back, and your best friends with you. The ultimate in college freedom and cheap vacations is the road trip. Here in the magical state of Oregon, road trips are especially great. I’ve snow skied and paddle boarded in the same day. There’s waterfalls and deserts and miles of shoreline. And most people haven’t seen all of it. I want a few days with my friends to go explore my state and see where we wind up.

I don’t even know what sociology is. What does gender have to do with art? Ethnobotany doesn’t even sound like a real word. College is a time where you can learn new things and expand your world view. With all those gen-ed credits to cover, why not take a class all about Bob Marley’s impact on music? I took an archaeology class and to be completely honest, I didn’t like it very much. The point is, I got to learn about a new field that I previously knew very little about.

The only way to make close friends in college is to jump in and get involved. On my campus, there’s always people around doing things that I’ve never tried. There’s larping on Sunday, slack lining when it’s sunny, and break-dancing all the time. Even though I won’t be spinning on my head anytime soon, I might join the slack liners and pick up a new talent.

Or, just be a kid again for a while. College has been an assault of independence. I’m determined to take some time out once in a while to do something nostalgic. Reliving the glory days is great for stress relief, and my dorm has a massive basement that would be perfect for hide-and-seek.
So, what’s on your college bucket list? And what’s stopping you? Go for it! Being a grown up can wait.  

Good luck to fulfilling your bucket list!

– Kendall

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