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A Featured Blog Post By Mindy Ongie A Student @ Iowa State University

All college students have their ups and downs. It’s hard to transform from living at home to being independent. I was used to having my mom wake me up in the morning, clean my laundry, make supper and clean the house. When I got to college, I had to do all of that on my own.

Transitioning from high school to college is a big transformation. When I was in high school, my teachers prepared me when a test was coming as well as when homework was due. In college, it’s up to you to keep track of when your assignments are due and what to study to prepare for your exam(s). A good tip to remember: Make sure you go through your class syllabus. That way, you can be prepared. Better yet, mark the due dates on a calendar or in a planner so you can keep track of it all. By writing the important dates down, you will remain organized.

College Activities Tip: A good way to stay active and involved is to participate in clubs or organizations that are offered at your college or university. Every semester, Iowa State holds Club Fest, where clubs and organizations meet in the Memorial Union to set up displays so students can learn about them. When you become part of a club or an organization, you develop friendships and bonds that can last a lifetime.

College buddy Tip: Stay in touch with your college buddiesThough some of my friends have graduated, I still keep in contact with them. They live all over the country, so now I have places to stay when I want to travel.

College Major Tip: Make sure you are studying what you love. If you don’t like any of your classes, then you will not be happy. When I came to Iowa State, I was in the college of engineering for two years. I absolutely hated it. I did not do well in my classes and I did not care about school. I finally decided to figure out what I wanted to do. I went into the college of business and found out that I had a love for marketing. I am finally doing well in classes and loving what I am studying. Don’t worry about how much money you will be making and what anyone will think. Make sure you do what makes you happy. If you don’t, then you will regret it.

College is a big transformation in life. But, with the right major, friends, and clubs you will love it. Enjoy your adventure! 



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