5 Things That Will Happen To You Your First Semester Of College

Featured Article By Nicole Diaz, Student @ Florida State University

1. You Will Miss Home
You may think you cannot wait to get out of your little town. Away from your high school classmates and away from your overbearing parents. But, at some point or another – you will miss home. It may be something small; you may just miss your dad’s lasagna, or the sandwiches your mom made you for school. You may miss your dog. The times shared with your siblings…and the fights. You will miss your old routine and structure of living. All in all, you will miss home.
2. Your Weight Will Change

And yes, I am talking about the notorious “freshman fifteen.” There will be all-you-can-eat meals at your campus dining hall and late night meals at 2 am (Whether it is from eating pizza, Ramen noodles, Jimmy Johns and of course the local cookie delivery service). You may try to create an exercise routine, but this will inevitably get messed up. You will feel too lazy to walk to the gym one day because of the rain/snow outside. Your plans to go for a run with your friend on Sunday afternoon will be cancelled because you have “too much homework” or you have a “chapter meeting.” You may lose weight; not eating because of the insane amount of stress. You will pretend a pop tart counts as breakfast and lunch and you will pretend popcorn counts as dinner. I am here to tell you, they are not. Whether it goes up or down, your weight will fluctuate.

3. Your Friendships Will Change

Despite meeting new people in college, your relationships with friends from grade school will be different. You will grow closer to some of your friends from home. They say distance makes a relationship stronger. Some of your friendships will become more distant. The only way that can happen is if one person in the relationship does not put in the effort to communicate every so often (whether that is you or your friend). Regardless, your friendships will change.

4. College Is Really Not That Different From High School

Petty fights and drama. Yes! It all happens here. But, you get to choose your class schedule, and branch out into meeting different groups of people. The population of a college campus is much larger than a high school campus. You get to decide how and where you spend your days, so you never have to worry about seeing the people you dislike.

5. You Will Be Challenged Like Never Before

This is not just academically, but also intellectually and emotionally. You will be challenged in your new relationships, any clubs you join, jobs you have and your overall college life. I hope I did not scare you and make you regret any decisions you have made thus far. I promise, there is more to the college experience than what I have mentioned. You will meet new people and learn things about yourself you never knew, and that is the most rewarding part of all.  

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