3 Tips To Start Your Spring Semester With A Bang


Feeling a little blue after the holidays?

Or maybe you’re still nursing that hangover from the New Year’s party you attended a couple of days ago?

On the bright side – you’ve got an entire semester ahead of you. Not…

Right now, you’re smack in the middle of school semesters. This means it’s cold outside and you most likely have to pile on two layers of clothing (got to love those long johns) just to get to class without freezing to death. What’s even more draining is that you don’t have a ton of celebrations coming up to look forward to or to give you that extra oomph. 

Re-reading all of that, I can’t help but feel for you…  So, with ‘all of that’, where can you find comfort?

For starters – HERE – because our witty posts are just awesome or hopefully somewhat helpful at least. Either way, below are… 

3 Tips To Keep Your Head In The Game:

#1: Map out your semester…
Whether it’s filling up your calendar with activities for the first couple of months or entering in any projects that may be coming due – making note of what’s around the corner will help the time pass more quickly. In addition, it will keep you focused on what needs to get done or what social activity is coming up. That way, you don’t loose track of anything. It’s better to be safe than sorry. 

#2: Take Time Outs… 
It might sound juvenile, but everyone needs a day off from work, school or just life in general. Perhaps it’s goofing off on the basketball court, going for a hike, or simply vegging out on the couch. Tuning out your ‘to-do list’ a few times a month is necessary for your sanity. Be sure to schedule those on your calendar too. Remember the extra mmmppphhh I mentioned? Those ‘turn off’ days will give you something to look forward to other than Spring Break and St. Patty’s Day. 

#3: Get A Good Play List… 
No matter what people may say or think, having a positive track of songs you can plug into whenever you need a boost is a MUST. Whether it’s listening to them while you study to keep you motivated or in between classes, having an upbeat music outlet will help keep your head in the game.

On a completely different note – you also have warmer weather to look forward to in the not so distant future… So, bring on the shorts, flips flops and pool time play time wear! 

As a Dorm Room Movers author, feel free to add any additional tips and tricks for maintaining your sanity throughout the semester. 

Good luck,

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