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With over 196 countries to choose from, you’re bound to have difficulty selecting a spot to do your study abroad program at. From your friends and family members advice to your guidance counselors suggestions, you’re most likely going to be overwhelmed with what country is the BEST option to choose. 

The reality is – you have to factor in your financial situation as well as create your own unique trip so that it both meets your standards and is personal to you.

Simply put, it is easier said than done…

The good news is, I’ve gone ahead and selected the BEST Study Abroad Locations based on the most important factors: Finance, Experience, Country Features & Credit Points. 

With those factors taken into consideration, below are the Best 5 Study Abroad Locations:


With its pristine beaches, historical land marks, amazing national parks and one of the worlds most unique ecosystems, Australia is definitely one of the top 5 destinations to choose from. For 8 weeks and 8 credit points you can go to Sydney, Australia for the Summer for around $6-$7 grand (tuition portion only). If you’re interested in a full semester (17 week program) for your abroad experience, the tuition program begins at $26k. 


Jump into an intensive language and cultural switch by flying your way south to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. With it’s historical background and geographical perks (beaches and rain forests) the country features are rated higher on the scale with this program. The tuition portion of the program begins at $6k. However, when you factor in housing, field trips, medical insurance and travel assistance, you’re looking to come out of pocket for about $8k give or take. The program lengths range from 6-8 weeks and the credits you’ll earn come to 8 points. 


Buenos Aires, Argentina is one of the largest cities in the world. One of three in Latin American, Buenos Aires stands out of the crowd from it’s sister countries by being labeled the city with the ‘best quality of life’. It’s notorious for it’s landmarks, theaters, food and national parks. Starting out at $5,900 for the tuition program, you can study in Buenos Aires for 6 weeks and earn 8 credit points for doing so. So, if you’re looking for a shorter program with equal amount of college credits this is the spot for you.


Depending on your interest, China has two cities that earn our favorite scores. Hong Kong, for it’s academic achievements, various cultural influences and technological advances and Shanghai for it’s historical richness and landmark features. Typically, you can only study in Hong Kong for a full semester (15-20 weeks/18 credit points). The tuition fee for Hong Kong varies, but it starts at $18k and moves up from there. If you want a shorter duration and a less expensive trip you can study in Shanghai for the starting tuition price of $6 grand. 


It might not reach your top ten choices, but Brussels, Belgium is one of the worlds most sought out (yet secretive) travel destinations. Kind of an oxymoron there, but it’s the truth. Brussels dates back to 979, but was initially established in 580. Imagine the historical landmarks you’d discover with that kind of history. It’s influences range from Dutch and French, giving the country much diversity. You can travel to Brussels on a Summer Study Abroad program for around $6 grand. The program length is 8 weeks and you earn up to 8 credits for the term. 

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