Is It Trick Or Treat Time YET?


It’s hard NOT to love the Fall Semester… 

Despite the cold weather and never ending piles of assignments you have to complete prior to you getting your gobble break, the Fall Semester has all sorts of celebrations to take advantage of.

From Homecoming parties, to Parent visitors week (not to mention the crazy celebrations associated with Halloween & Thanksgiving), you really know it’s fall when the pumpkins start to show up all over the place. 

Did you know…

That Halloween’s background derives from three different cultural influences? These are the Gaelic & Welsh Samhain festival, the Roman festival of the dead known as Parentalia and the Christian festival All Hallows Eve. Having spread to the US in the late 18th/early 19th century, the holiday gradually became a nationwide tradition that is now celebrated with carving out pumpkins, eating lots of candy, trick-or-treating within a local community, raising bonfires, bobbing for apples and for the more eclectic types – divination. 

Depending on where you’re headed for your Trick Or Treat Party, below are 3 tried and true tips to make sure your Halloween goes off without any glitches.

#1: Where is THE party at? 
Every party host has a guest list. Find out which list you want to get on by checking your college school board for the sorority, fraternity or social club events. Not sure where those are located? Ask a few of your dorm buddies or peers in class. The hobbits cool, but don’t be antisocial this season because you’re not “into” the scene or don’t know anyone well enough to ask. Get social by being social – start talking. 

#2: Arrive in STYLE! 
Once you’ve check marked your location, determine a good theme that you feel comfortable following and wearing for a long period of time. Sure you’re not 12, but that doesn’t mean you can’t play dress up and participate – jeans and a t-shirt are not going to cut it for your halloween festivities. On the flip side, you don’t want people questioning your occupation either. Find out what your friends are wearing or if there is a theme to the party you’re attending so you can play along without getting sidelong glances. 

#3: Be smart NOT stupid. 
Drinking is an active part of college. Most parties nowadays have to follow the school codes by not serving someone who is underage. If you’re not 21 there are other ways to have fun – alcohol isn’t the end all be all of going to a party. Be the bigger person and play the DD or just the referee for your buddies during the night. If you plan on getting yourself into a whole slew of debauchery, be mindful that you’re at someone else’s home and the fastest way to look like the party clown is to act like one. Trust me, this is not a particular label you want to be associated with for the rest of the semester or school year. 
If you have any Halloween “Do’s & Don’ts” feel free to share them with us. As a Dorm Room Movers author, I sincerely hope you have an amazing Halloween by getting plenty of treats! 



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