Dorm Room Workouts

With summer pretty much over students all over the nation will be going into fitness hibernation. We at Dorm Room Movers believe you shouldn’t take a break from your fitness routine. We went ahead and put together a belly busting six pack abs routine just for you. Follow this abdominal routine and you will be killin’ them come spring break!
*These exercises should be done in one after another with little rest in between each set for best results.

Just a regular sit up. No crunches. Lay flat on your back with your feet flat on the floor in front of you. Go all the way up and all the way down and concentrate on engaging your core throughout the entire range of motion. Shoot for sets of 20 sit-ups to start. But remember strict form!
Scissor kicks are a great Lower Abdominal exercise. Lay flat on your back with your hands at your side or slightly under your butt for more support (reference picture). Lift your feet slightly off the ground and kick them up and down like a scissor. Count out about 30 seconds in your head for one set.
2. Planks
A plank is an awesome core strengthening exercise. If done correctly they will actually help you increase your sit-up numbers dramatically. Pick yourself up on your forearms and toes while facing the ground. Hold this position for about  one minute. Concentrate on keeping your core tucked in and tight the entire time.
We recommend doing 2-3 sets of these abdominal exercises to start. If you are doing the exercises correctly you will definitely feel it and work up a sweat. Look forward to seeing everyone at the pool come spring.



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