Why You Should Start a Blog in College – Guest Post

These days, it seems like everyone is blogging about anything and everything. Entertainment blogs, sports blogs, college blogs and even mommy blogging. But what are the benefits of starting a blog? More specifically, what are the benefits for a college student?

Our questions today come from Eric Roberts. Eric is a senior at Arizona State University.

Questions answered by Liz Billman, Dormify.com’s Community Manager.

What are the benefits for starting a blog while in school?

Having a blog helps you really develop your voice as a writer. The hardest part about starting a blog is trying to find a focus. It’s easy to write about everything you love, but your audience won’t keep coming back for just a random post every day. You’ve got to find a certain topic to really focus on and then become an expert in that area. It’s a challenge to write about the same topic again and again, so you have to get creative. This is where you develop the writing skills you’ll probably use throughout your career, especially if you are going into journalism. 

Can having a blog help me land a job?

Yes! I often ask if people have written their own blog during interviews. I want to see how creative they are. If you can’t write well about something you’re passionate about, then you probably won’t be able to write about things you might not be as passionate about in the job (let’s face it – you might not be put on the best assignments when you first start out). Not only can writing your own blog help you land a job, it can help you get internships and into brand ambassador programs with companies. 

Will I see any immediate monetary benefits from starting a blog?

You will probably not see immediate monetary benefits from starting a blog. You first need to build an audience and increase the visits to your site. Brands looking to advertise or pay for product reviews want to make sure they are getting a high return on investment. So, they will not want to pay you until they know that you have a large reach and that you directly influence your audience to engage with the brands that you advertise – whether that is driving traffic to their site or buying their product. 

How do I decide what to write about?

It’s easiest to write about things you’re passionate about, so I would probably start there. Make a list of things you love and then try to find a common theme between all of them!

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