To Toss Or To Keep?

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That truly is the question, isn’t it?

Never mind that you have a week full of finals and last minute projects to complete, but you’re also up to your elbows in laundry and have been working on about 3 hours of sleep (if that). So, whats a college student like yourself to do?

Our suggestion? START pre-sorting your stuff prior to exam week.

Even if that means creating a “toss it or keep it pile,” it’s a start and will give you one less thing to have to worry about when move out day arrives.

Below are 5 simple move out tips to get you in gear when you’re ready…

  1. Be Prepared – Give yourself at least 2 weeks prior to your move out date to make sure your ducks (or in this case boxes) are in order. This means the stuff on your walls and scattered throughout your dorm can be compiled into piles. As mentioned above, we suggest placing your items into 3 piles. In short, called TST, the piles can be organized into toss it, store it and take it home batches. 
  2. Make A To Do List.  Scope out what you have to get done before you head home. Generally, you have stuff you have to return; your keys or particular school items. You will also need to plan on scheduling storage space for any items that are too large or inconvenient to take home with you. Set time aside to clean up the place before you catch your flight or make your long drive.
  3. Sell Your Books. Books are updated every year, so keeping them will only give you another item that will take up space and collect dust. The possibility that you’re going to need a book from a previous semester is pretty slim. Most information can be found on the internet and these days, you’re more likely to Google something on your handy phone versus run to a library or your shelf of books to look it up. 
  4. Pack Your Stuff Into Similar Groups. Clothing, towels, sheets, and any school supplies can all be organized within their own groups. Wrapping them up in trash bags or seal-able containers will help prevent them from getting muggy and smelly while stored. Also, labeling your boxes will make it a lot easier for you to identify your belongings when you get them returned to you.
  5. Clean Up Your Dorm. Depending on your house or hall rules, tidying up your dorm before dropping your key off is the last project you must complete before you can head back home for the summer. Sweeping or vacuuming and dusting the permanent features in the room should suffice. However, some colleges are more strict. So, be sure to check the guidelines with your res-life rep before you jump into the tidying frenzy. If your house or dorm hall requires more, put in the effort. The last thing you want to have to do is pay a fee from a mess you left behind.

Good luck and happy sorting, packing and cleaning! As a Dorm Room Movers Author, I look forward to your comments here. 



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