Top 10 College Student Hot Spots

After enduring months of shuffling from class to class in mild to cold weather…studying and listening to your professors drone on and being stuck in a 15×15 room for the past 9 months – you’ll be happy to know that the wait is almost over… 

We’re here to help keep you motivated. So, depending on the size of your pocketbook and the numerous tasks or people you promised to reconnect with over the next 3-4 months, below is a list of destinations that will give you a Summer Break to remember!

After a bit of review we’ve concluded from various sources that the top 10 destination spots (both inside the US border as well as out of it) for summer vacations are:

#1: Cancun, Mexico – It’s affordable, easy to get to and you’re bound to soak up the summer rays while sticking your feet in the warm beach sand.

#2: Puerto Rico – If you have a passport on hand and spending money so you’re able to splurge, Puerto Rico is a great destination. Sitting a little farther south of our US borders, Puerto Rico offers hiking, zip lining with monkeys, beach time and various other activities to satisfy your urge to travel.

#3: Cape Cod, Massachusetts  – For you east coast students, Cape Cod is one of the top destinations to visit in between semesters or during the Summer. It’s known for it’s hot beaches, cool water and whale watching spectacles off of Race Point Beach. 

#4: Portland, Oregon – Also known as the city of Roses, this is a place where you can indulge in the arts and enjoy scenic options. The city is known for it’s fine food, beautiful landscapes and down to earth atmosphere that leaves most travelers feeling refreshed and reconnected. 

#5: Daytona, Florida – Another east coast summer destination favorite. This is a great place to check out – especially if you’re all about the cars. Capital of the NASCAR scene, Daytona makes an excellent and bargain-friendly retreat. 

#6: Thailand – It’s not your first time around the race track if you’re making your way to East Asia. Thailand is by far one of the more popular destinations, with it’s rich resources, friendly natives and inexpensive accommodations. Making the 10+ hour flight (depending on where you’re flying from) is well worth it.

#7: Toronto, Canada – Known around the world for it’s 120+ specialty vendors at St. Lawrence food market, Toronto is a city worth navigating. Depending on where you are located at in the States, Toronto is a quick flight and the local accommodations are fairly affordable if you’re on a limited budget. 

#8: Santa Cruz, California – Get ready for parks, fishing, biking and living outside for your entire destination if you travel out this way. Santa Cruz is an American West Coast favorite and has all kinds of good local restaurants and attractions to keep you entertained. 

#9: Oahu, Hawaii – From private beaches to Hanauma Bay, Oahu offers a plethora of outside activities that will keep you cool in the warm summer heat. If snorkeling among coral reefs and sea turtles or hiking through rain forests is your thing, book your trip here. 

#10: Gold Coast, Queensland Australia – Although our American summer is Australia’s winter, the Gold Coast stays fairly warm throughout the year. It can also be a plus, considering the beaches will be pretty bare due to the alternative vacationing seasons. Traveling on a budget down under? The good news is – their hostels are extremely clean and the food is great! Nothing like shrimp on the BBQ with great people and an amazing view. 

All in all, we here at Dorm Room Movers wish you a very eventful (yet restful!) summer break. All that hard work pays off, so enjoy your summer while you can and don’t forget we’re here to help you ship your stuff back to school should you buy any dorm essentials this summer.

As a Dorm Room Movers Author, I look forward to your comments here. 



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