March Madness is Over – Let May Madness Begin

With March madness officially over, it marks the end of epic slam-dunks, buzzer beaters and Cinderella stories. However, for college students a different madness is right around the corner; – a madness consisting of epic amounts of flash cards, lots of coffee and all-nighters. Yep, this would be known as May madness. Or, the month where college students all over the country collectively stress over finals and the thought of explaining to their folks that they managed to fail English 101.

We know that with grades on the line and graduation hanging in the balance, the pressure can be overwhelming. So, we thought what better way to help you out then by providing you with a recipe for finals success. Here are three tips to help you best prepare for finals!

Schedule Your Study Time
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Let’s face it – most of you don’t start studying for finals until the last minute. Could there be a correlation between late test taking preparation and poor grades? Let’s go with yes. Give yourself every advantage possible and start preparing for your finals a few weeks early. This all starts with time management. If you don’t have a calendar of some kind, you need to go get one. Get yourself into the habit of blocking out a specific time every day for studying. Mark down the times you want to study and schedule everything else around it. This will  make studying your top priority and help prevent you from blowing it off at the last minute. Not sure how much time you should dedicate to studying? According to, the average student should spend 2 hours studying for every hour of class time.

Study Group Fun
Feeling lonely? Can’t stay motivated? Well, maybe it’s time for you to join a study group! A study group is made up of a few students from your class who schedule a time to get together and tackle the tough subjects on the big test. When it comes to studying, two heads are definitely better than one. The combined intellects and brain power make studying a lot easier. Not only are answers easier to come by, but great studying and test taking tactics are shared among the group. The work load can be split up between the group members, making things better for everyone. Not to mention – this is a great opportunity to make new friends. When the group isn’t cramming for finals you can talk about anything from summer storageand shipping to partying!

Meet With Your Professors
At first thought, meeting with your professor doesn’t sound too attractive. Let’s be honest, this is the person that is literally responsible for your high blood pressure and elevated stress levels throughout the semester! Before you have a panic attack, hear us out because we think that meeting with a professor prior to finals can be one of the best ways to secure a good grade.

Most likely, you skipped over this part of the syllabus – but many professors have open office hours. Visit your professor at this time! Ask your professor about the study guide and what materials to concentrate on for the test. See if they will help you with anything you don’t understand. Most of all, try to create a relationship with them. By showing up, it will prove that you have an interest in the class and place value on the efforts you put forth. Professors like to see that and often times will reward you with helpful information for the test.

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