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What’s Up, Brainiacs!?

Finals are coming up and we want to give you every opportunity to succeed. Below are the Top 10 Study Tips we researched for you. Hopefully it will give you a head start to earn that high GPA we know you’re all shooting for! ;0)

Top 10 Study Tips:

  1. Study in a different area – don’t study in your normal spot, choose an alternative location. 
  2. Cram with your classmates or a TA.
  3. Leverage your class notes.
  4. Make flash cards. 
  5. Review the pre-exam study guide or copies of your quizzes from earlier in the semester.
  6. Eat healthy.
  7. Exercise in your breaks.
  8. Get plenty of sleep.
  9. Go to class – some teachers give last minute pointers and/or bonus answers prior to exam day.
  10. Schedule you study time 2 weeks prior to exams.
A helpful tip: each one of your professors has a specific topic that they’re more enthusiastic about. You can get a feel for this in the beginning of the semester or if they bring up the topic continuously throughout the semester. So, look through your notes and see where the topics become repetitive because there is a good chance that a few of them will be used for your exam questions.

Good luck and happy study times! As a Dorm Room Movers Author, I look forward to your comments here. 



P.S. For more information about studying tips, check out this article ‘23 Science-Backed Study Tips To Ace A Test‘. Shane Lebowitz’s insight into ace exams is worth the read.

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