How NOT To Look Like A Freshman

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Say Bye-Bye To Home Cooked Meals & Hello To Ramen Noodles
College is a beginning to many firsts and an ending to a few lasts. After having just celebrated your big step of successfully getting yourself through high school, you’ve got to start it all over again. For many of you, that means leaving your long term friends behind and moving across country or state. Perhaps you’re moving in with a stranger, and to top it all off you are familiarizing yourself with a rigorous schedule and understanding professors who don’t know you from Adam. All that aside, welcome to COLLEGE!

Don’t stress – you survived the last four years of high school – you can definitely do this!

First things first, get used to eating fast food, lots of finger foods and pre-cooked meals. Time is limited and your kitchen capabilities most likely will be too (if you’re able to even utilize them at all). In the long run, saving money on food will give you the ability to invest in summer storage for your belongings. 

One suggestion here – try to avoid gaining the freshman 15. Exercise and stay active. The more you keep fit, the easier you’ll make it on yourself when you’re stressed out about your workload, current crush or whatever may be going on in your life. Plus, you’ll avoid those

dreaded pounds that you don’t want or need. It’ll also keep you from looking like a freshman. Which is something you’re trying to avoid otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this. ;0) 

Another thing about the life of a freshman is the hours you’ll put into college. From classes to study and library time, your life will be completely monopolized by school. Unfortunately, there is no way around this. Hey, you signed up for it, so no finger pointing. Just know that all the effort you put into is sure to pay off. And I’m not just talking about your GPA here either…

2 Key Points To Make Sure College Pays Off…

#1 Network like a marketing guru: 
Although you might not have a huge fan base like one, you can build a social group of your own. Get to know your peers, club associates, sororities/fraternities or other Greek life programs. Get to know your teachers and professors and even the teacher aids regardless of whether they have entitlement issues or not. These people are now your go-to peeps! So, be sure to go to them for help when you need it and help them in return. Be thankful. Karma is a fact of life-what goes around, comes around. So, give a lot and you too shall receive. Stay in touch with them after you graduate. These people can become future references for employment, getting an apartment, loans and other future endeavors. Oh, and hand written notes for anyone that does put in a good word for you is probably a good tip to keep in mind. 

#2 Don’t rely on mommy and daddy for all of your financial needs:
It may appear to make it easier, but on a long term basis you won’t learn a whole lot about the value of a dollar. Yes, yes – just like granny and pappy said it… “Today’s generation doesn’t understand the value of a dollar.”  One of many quotes that end up ringing true. Though it tends to fall on deaf ears when brought up, don’t take a free ride. Get a part time job depending on what your schedule allows and use that money to splurge or hide away in a savings account that you can fall back on when you walk through the next graduation ceremony. Not only will you feel like you made some sort of contribution, but you’ll be able to enjoy yourself more when the time comes because it’s your hard work that you’re using for play time, not mommy’s or daddy’s credit card. 

The most important aspect to take away from this is that employers will eat that up!  Working yourself through college goes a long way with HR departments and small business owners. It shows that you’re not only responsible, but determined and driven. These are three characteristics that are commonly used on a resume but not always the truth when put to the test. 
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