University of Arizona Move-In Equipment Rentals

Dorm Room Movers is the official provider of equipment rentals for the U of A during move-in. We will be setting up rental locations on the first floor of the Main Gate, Tyndall, Sixth Street and Cherry garages. We’ll be renting Bins and hand trucks just like these.
You can reserve your rental today at

Just park at your assigned location (you should be receiving an email from the school with this), Check in at your hall to receive your keys, then swing by and pickup your bin or handtruck and start unloading! We’ll also be giving away tons of FREE popchips and more at our locations.
The rental process is easy:
  1. Complete and sign a rental agreement, and leave your driver’s license or UA ID with us.
  2. Take your bin or handtruck and start moving!
  3. Return your equipment to the same station, pay and pick up your ID.
How much does it cost, you might ask.

Ask us how to get a FREE rental at our booths:) otherwise, these are the prices:

  • $15 for 1st Rental +tax
  • $10 for 2nd Rental +tax

All major cards accepted

Where are the rental locations?
East Area:
Cherry Ave. garage (NW corner) at Cherry and 4th St.
North Area:

Main Gate garage (south end) at 2nd St. and Euclid

West Area:
Tyndall Ave. garage (in the center) at Tyndall and 4th St.
6th St. garage (east end) at 6th St. and Fremont

DormRoomMovers is a BBB accredited company, and is the Official Bin and Hand Truck rental provider for the U of A Residence Life for 2011, proudly serving students at the U of A since 2007. Join us on FaceBook and Twitter.

If you’re an Arizona Wildcat student feel free to post comments about experience. 


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