Top 5 Dorm Decorating Ideas

From Drab To Fab

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Moving into a new place can be stressful, but it can also be gratifying. Decorating your living space can be a great bonding experience for you and your roommate. Compose a list of all the necessities needed to furnish your new home. Take the time to talk to your roommate before the school year begins. Decide and clarify who will bring what to avoid two people bringing the same item. This way, there will be no confusion upon arrival.

Wall decorations – whether you prefer posters or tapestries, both can help enhance the ambience of your dorm room. Hanging some posters, framed photos and art pieces help make the room more visually pleasing. You want the overall atmosphere of your dorm room to be warm and inviting. Always keep your eye out for unique, affordable tapestries and wall art.

Color scheme – for the majority of dormitories, painting the walls is forbidden. Therefore, getting some color in the room can require some innovation. Roommates should agree on which colors to use in order accomplish this without a hitch. Matching your comforter color with other noticeable accessories helps make the room come together and pop. Stick to one or two colors – less is more. Too many colors or patterns is disorienting to the eye, and will only close the room in.

Lights – in some dormitories, candles are prohibited due to fire safety precautions. However, most schools allow students to hang decorative lights. Stringing ornamental lights can help to reduce harsh, fluorescent lighting and give your room a festive feel and theme. offers a wide variety of inexpensive string lights. If that’s not your style, there are all kinds flameless candles these days. You can also accessorize with funky, stylish lamps.

Furniture – some college dormitories have already been furnished. In this case, there are things you can do to create the illusion of more room. If the beds are able to become a bunk, stack them together to save space. Arrange the room so that all desks and drawers are pushed together up against the wall. If your dorm room happens to be unfurnished, you’re not out of luck. Look online for affordable furniture; many companies offer free shipping directly to your dorm. Check out craigslist for inexpensive or used furniture in your area. Perhaps a cute coffee table for the common area, with some throw pillows (which can be both decorative and functional).

Get creative – if you use your imagination, the possibilities are endless. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box. There is no wrong way to express yourself. Checkout this awesome post-it wall decor:

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While something like this might be more time consuming, the finished product will give you a sense of creative expression and will act as a great conversation starter.

Feel free to post comments about your drab to fab dorm decorations.

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