Moving Into Your College Dormitory

helpful tips on transitioning
Moving into your college dormitory
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There’s nothing worse than unorganized chaos when moving into a new residence, but there are some things you can do to ensure a smooth transition.
Be nice & break the ice: Get to know your roommate(s) before move-in. Look for them on Facebook. See what they say about themselves, and what their interests include. For example, what is their taste in music? What are they studying? Tell them about yourself too! Don’t hesitate to speak your mind. After all, you’ll be living with them for two semesters! College is a place to learn about yourself and about others, so keep an open mind. Learn to communicate and compromise, while staying true to yourself and what you stand for. Once you’ve found your roommate, the next step is preparing for the big move.
Don’t dread & plan ahead: Ship your stuff in advance. These days, paying for luggage at the airport will cost you a pretty penny. Planning in advance to ship things that you’ll need will be good to your wallet, and your back will thank you for it too. Avoid unnecessary stress. If you don’t want to worry about buying things for your dorm once you get there, you can arrange it so that your stuff comes to you. Simply visit a store or their website, and have your purchases shipped (most stores will offer free shipping). Don’t forget to coordinate what each person is bringing for the new place.
Devise & organize: Get there early, so you can checkout your new digs. Most schools assign you a specific check-in time slot, so don’t be late! This way, you can beat the massive lines and choose your preferred bed space. Unpack a little, hang some pictures up on the wall–start making yourself at home. This will help you get acclimated.
Tour & explore: Grab your room key, and head outside to investigate. Walk around the campus, and check out your new home. If your parents came to orientation with you, you might want a few minutes alone to let it all sink in. Don’t worry if you feel displaced or overwhelmed: both are normal. It’s hard to leave your childhood friends behind for the first time, and start all over again on your own. Just remember that you’re not alone. Step out of your comfort zone, and mingle with your peers.
Feel free to post comments about your experience moving into the dorms for the first time.

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