Preparing for Move Outs! Dorm Room Movers Can Help!

We know many of you are knee-deep in your notes and books studying for finals, but move outs are coming and the last thing you want is to put yourself in a position of overloaded stress. Here’s where Dorm Room Movers can help! 

Dorm Room Movers’ services are pretty simple:

  1. You register, get boxes and tape sent to you, and pack your stuff. 
  2. We then pick up your stuff, and either store or ship it for you (or both if needed).
  3. If you’re coming back to live in the dorms next year, you just schedule a delivery with us and your boxes will be brought back to you. If not, then we’ll ship your boxes to where you need them.

Dorm Room Movers has something called “Free Dates.” These are specific dates on the calendar where our moving team will come pick up your belongings. These dates are coordinated by our logistics team and Residence Life to line up with your school’s academic calendar. No catch. No asterisk. There are on-demand dates, but they cost a little extra and require approval. 

Even if you don’t know the exact dates of when you need to get your stuff picked up and delivered right now, we highly recommend getting registered now. You can always go back into your account to update any date information once you know it. The key part to a successful move is planning well ahead. This way, you’re giving yourself options that are available instead of having to wait until the lest minute with much fewer options available to you. 

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