What are Dorm Room Movers’ Free Dates?

Did you know that Dorm Room Movers has a signature feature called “Free Dates?” Well, now you do! These are specially selected dates on the calendar where our moving team will come  pick up your belongings and bring them to storage (free of charge!). These free dates are coordinated by our logistics team and Residence Life to line up with your school’s academic calendar. Talk about convenience! 

You’re probably wondering if there’s a catch or an asterisk. Nope, there’s none of that. Don’t worry – these dates are  truly free. However, these dates do fill up quickly, especially when move out day gets closer. There are premium dates available for purchase, but these dates require approval. If you know you will need storage this summer, we advise you to register now to select those free dates before they fill up. 

It’s another part of our service to help serve you! It’s summer storage, simplified.

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