Gearing up for move out season

It’s that time of year again where summer feels so close, yet so far away. While you’re off at school, DRM has been busy gearing up for end of the semester move outs.

Sure, it is only February – but soon, school will be out for the summer! Before the end of the semester sneaks up on you, we challenge you to sneak up on it. Don’t worry, we’re here to help! 

Dorm Room Movers is ramping up for move out season. This means that everyone is getting ready – from our moving and logistics teams to the schools that we provide service at. We’re all getting prepared so that we can help students move out as efficiently and safely as possible.

How can Dorm Room Movers help you with your move out?

We take over the logistics of it all:

You have enough stress on your hands with final exams and travel plans. Let us take the tough task of moving and storing off of your plate. We’re happy to take over the logistics part of the equation so that you can focus on your studies. 

We do the heavy lifting:

Leave the heavy lifting to us – literally and figuratively. Not only do we move all your stuff for you – we come right to your door to do it, for both pick up and delivery! 

We keep your stuff safe:

Your stuff is kept safe all summer long in one of our climate protected warehouses. We even provide insurance coverage up to $100 per box or unboxed item. 

We can ship and/or store:

Depending on your individual needs, Dorm Room Movers can either store your boxes in one of our climate protected and secured storage facilities, or we can ship them to another location. We can also ship some stuff home for you along with storing for the summer.

If you are returning in the fall, Dorm Room Movers can deliver these items back to you when school resumes at the end of the summer. If you are not returning in the fall, Dorm Room Movers can ship your boxes back to your new residence / address. 

If you are not sure of your plans for the Fall just yet, do not fret. We can store your stuff for as long as you require and then deliver it back to you when you return. We can also ship your stuff to you whenever you are ready. 

What can you do to help yourself get ready to move out?

Plan ahead:

A great way to help your future self out is to get prepared to move out early. Don’t leave this stuff to the last minute, guys! You probably have a little spare time now, but remember, soon enough you will be neck deep in studying for final exams and will have little time or patience to worry about the logistics of moving out for the summer. 

Register Now:

We recommend that if you know you will be needing our help, go ahead and register with Dorm Room Movers today. By getting registered now, you will give yourself plenty of time to receive a complimentary packing supply kit from us, which contains five boxes and tape. Opting into our kit is very convenient for you and will save you the hassle of trying to find packing supplies on your own at the last minute. 

Furthermore, once you register, you are able to take a look ahead at our pickup and delivery calendars. Keep an eye out for our “Featured Dates Calendar” so that you can snag a spot on one of our free pickup dates. These dates tend to fill up fast! If you are a big planner, you can even choose a featured delivery date while you’re at it. If you don’t know your pickup or delivery date yet, don’t worry – you can always come back later to select your date(s) once you have that information.

Start packing:

Once you receive our packing supply kit, you can start packing your stuff up! Feel free to go at your own pace because our kit conveniently fits underneath a bed for easy storage. What matters most to us is that your stuff is packed up and ready to be picked up prior to our movers arriving on the day of your scheduled move.

At the end of the day, our main goal is to help you as efficiently and effectively as possible. Whatever we can do to ease your stress during this transition, we are here for you. If you need assistance with storage or shipping this summer, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us!

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