Living with “Quiet Hours” in a Residence Hall

One thing students will need to adjust to when living in a residence hall is “Quiet Hours.” Quiet Hours are designated time periods in which residents and guests have the responsibility of ensuring that their noise levels are in check out of respect for other residents. 

Quiet hours time and policies differ for each campus, but generally, quiet hours start early during  weekdays and a bit later during the weekend. For example, at Illinois State University, their quiet hours are from 7pm – 10am during the weekdays and on weekends, they are from 10pm – 10am. 

When I lived in the dorm rooms as a student, although it wasn’t difficult for me to adjust to the quiet hour rule, I know others had difficulty following it. Overall, no one I knew was completely disdainful of the rule. It’s extremely nice to have during those weeks when you have an immense amount of work to do-especially if you have tests to study for. When I became a Resident Assistant and had to enforce quiet hours, I gained a different perspective. I learned that  there was a  fine line between understanding how to enforce quiet hours in certain situations such as socializing in a room or hearing a loud laugh every now and then.

Whether you love or hate quiet hours,  they will be something you’ll need to live with and adhere to for the semester. All things considered, I would say it’s not as terrible as other rules you’ll need to follow when you begin to live outside the dorm room. Have a safe and wonderful semester! 

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