Conflict Resolutions with your Roommate

Some residence halls require each resident to read and sign a  “roommate agreement” form alongside their roommate. Each roommate will read through various scenarios and then discuss them. Both parties will explain what their respective expectations are and then come up with agreeable solutions. For example, the appropriate times to invite guests to the room. Once the form has been signed by both roommates, their Resident Assistant will keep a copy of the form, which can be used if roommates come to an impasse. Overall, the roommate agreement is designed to mitigate roommate conflicts. It also provides residents with an opportunity to discuss their personal boundaries up front in the hopes of avoiding conflict down the road.

Confrontation is never a comfortable situation but it allows for growth between you and your roommate. I never had any issues with my Freshman and Sophomore roommates and if we did, we were able to discuss it, come up with a solution, and then move on. My advice to you is – don’t be afraid of confrontation.  If you are afraid, it simply means you care about your roommate.

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